On this episode, Monica interviews journal creator, resistance coach, fellow podcaster and journal enthusiast, Bex Beltran. Bex shares the benefits of journaling, including how a daily writing practice can help you release resistance, and support your personal growth and self-development journey.   If you are a beginner, this episode is a great place to start. We go over: how you can get started, your writing environment, how long you should write for, and most importantly- what to write about.   If you have an existing journaling practice, Bex shares some tips and prompts to take it to the next level so that you are getting even more out of it.

  • 02:10 Monica’s introduction
  • 05:00 Bex’s background and how journaling helped her realize she wasn’t living her truth
  • 09:20 How to start journaling if you are a beginner
  • 18:25 How to elevate your experience if you are already a journaler
  • 26:10 The benefits of rereading your past entries
  • 28:15 Some fun rituals to incorporate into your weekly journaling practice (e.g. Manifestation Monday, Evaluation of the Week, etc.)
  • 32:45 Other ways to incorporate this reflective practice without handwriting

Guest Bio

Bex Beltran is a journal creator, resistance coach and podcast host. She believes the only thing that holds us back in our lives is our own resistance, so her work is to help people recognize resistance that is holding them back and release it so they can have what they want. Bex lives in Gilbert AZ with her husband. Her passions include journaling, podcasts, personal development and dogs!

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