On this week’s episode of Confidence Counsel, we sit down with Kera Sanchez, author of Legacy Letters, Leave Love for Those Who Remain, who shares the story of how the gut-wrenching sudden death of her mom sparked an idea and a new found purpose to help others going through the same thing.

  • 01:30 Intro and overview of the episode
  • 5:35 Kera introduces herself
  • 08:20 Kera describes the premise behind Legacy Letters
  • 11:00 Thoughts on life and purpose after loss
  • 14:10 The crazy story about Kera’s mom’s death
  • 26:30 Kera’s grief analogy
  • 28:45 The inspiration and purpose starts flowing
  • 31:30 Examples of prompts in the book
  • 34:30 The significance of legacy
  • 36:30 The motivation behind Kera’s griefy instagram account
  • 41:30 Signs from loved ones
  • 45:40 The advice Kera would give to her past self

Kera’s Bio

Kera is a mom of two, and a high school teacher turned griefy content and resource creator after the unexpected death of her mom. Since her mom’s passing, she quickly realized the importance of leaving behind a piece of your heart and created Legacy Letters guided journal so users can leave behind love, advice and support to their loved ones. She also creates content on instagram to inspire grievers to be open and honest about their grief, and shares dark humor around the process of living day to day with grief. 

Connect with Kera:

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Website www.legacylettersjournal.com

IG: @Legacylettersjournal

Email legacylettersjournal@gmail.com

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