On this week’s episode of Confidence Counsel we dive into the world of Akashic Records, with Intuitive Mentor, Emily the Mystic. Emily shares her inspiring story from working in an unaligned corporate job to becoming a spiritual teacher and Akashic Records Master full-time. Through her work with the Akashic Record, Emily helps her clients understand themselves better and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives. If you are interested to learn how this modality can provide you with insights into your life purpose, relationships, challenges, and overall spiritual evolution, then this episode is for you!

  • 03:00 Emily’s journey from corporate hustle into mysticism
  • 11:00 Signs Emily received that she had intuitive gifts
  • 18:00 The Akashic Records, what they are and why a reading is so useful
  • 30:00 How learning about past life blocks can uplevel you in this lifetime
  • 40:00 Emily’s take on death and passing on the soul’s journey
  • 43:00 Intuition is a muscle

Guest Bio

Emily Logan Lewis, aka Emily The Mystic, is an Intuitive Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Akashic Records Master Consultant. She’s on a mission to soften shadow work and help “old souls” heal, as well as reclaim their intuitive gifts, manifest their dreams, and experience the most joyful life while doing it. Emily is an expert in mediumship, past life regressions, meditation, the Akashic Records, tarot, hypnotherapy techniques, quantum healing, and other spiritual practices. She is living proof that you can change your life in a split second and is known for making the most aligned, purposeful, freedom-filled life possible.

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IG: @emilythemystic

Website: https://www.emilythemystic.com/

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