Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled? Is there something you are feeling called to do but don’t have the confidence to go after it? Are you ready to re-evaluate your habits and routine? Do you want to learn how to overcome self-doubt, get out of your comfort zone and step into your power?

This podcast is your go-to resource for inspiration, motivation and practical steps to become more self-aware and manifest your dream life!

This show is designed for high achieving women, who despite having a great life, KNOW that they’re destined for more . Whether you aren’t sure what that next level is- or you have an idea but the vision feels out of reach, this podcast is for you!

Join Monica Burkoth, a trial lawyer, mom and wife, as she leads honest and inspiring conversations with experts, entrepreneurs, authors and spiritual teachers on topics such as personal development, career, mindfulness, work-life balance, spirituality, wellness and more.

You can expect direct, no-nonsense advice, coupled with actionable steps that you can start taking today to embrace your authentic self and become more aligned with your dream life.

Are you ready to elevate your life? ALL RISE.

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IG: @confidence.counsel

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