This week on the podcast, we are joined by Confidence & Embodiment Coach, Chantel Louise. During this episode, we dive into the missing element to unlocking true confidence. If you’ve read all the books, done all the inner work and STILL feel like you haven’t tapped into your innate confidence…then this episode is for you!

  • 01:35 Monica’s Life Update and FREE GIVEAWAY!
  • 06:15 Chantel’s introduction and backstory
  • 09:30 Chantel’s definition of confidence
  • 12:50 Somatics and the body’s influence on confidence
  • 18:00 “Trauma” and the stress cycle
  • 20:00 Step 1: Connection to self
  • 29:15 Step 2: Movement
  • 37:00 Chantel’s Daily Devotion
  • 44:00 Mirror Work for Confidence
  • 48:30 Chantel’s magical script
  • 51:00 Final tips to embody confidence

Guest Bio

Chantel is an Embodiment + Confidence Coach who is dedicated to empowering women to reconnect to themselves and reclaim their power.

Chantel’s purpose is to guide women on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to unravel, release, and reclaim their confidence. This transformation paves the way for them to embody the qualities of a bold and self-assured woman who claims her space, speaks her truths, knows her inner strength, and boldly chases after her desires – becoming a woman who is thriving and truly living, not just existing.

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IG: @confidence.counsel

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