On this episode, Monica interviews licensed mental health therapist & athletic performance coach, Bree Sutton. Bree specializes in helping high achieving woman & athletes stop the cycle of negative self talk, overthinking and overworking so that they can enjoy each day with ease. On this episode, we cover the 5 sneaky signs that may be an indicator that you have high functioning anxiety.

  • 02:05 Introduction to episode
  • 03:03 Bree introduces herself and shares her journey and tells us about her practice
  • 07:05 Anxiety defined
  • 09:40 High functioning anxiety defined and two easily identifiable signs
  • 13:00 Sign #1- inability to relax
  • 16:25 Sign #2- Snacking
  • 18:45 Sign #3- Obsessively over-planning
  • 20:35 Sign #4- Giving up due to overwhelm
  • 22:40 Sign #5- Trouble taking workout to the next level
  • 24:00 What we can do to combat anxiety
  • 31:30 When to seek professional help

Link to Spotify album BioLateral Sounds mentioned during episode: https://open.spotify.com/album/5IVVEoTyCTPA0SbeWtLPx3?si=XXTU-ATxRlWKyy82ShUIaQ

Guest Bio

Bree Sutton is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Performance/Mindset Coach at her private practice in Spokane, WA. Bree serves as a board member on the Washington State Mental Health Association board and as a member of the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion committee.  Bree holds a Master’s degree in clinical counseling from Alliant International University in San Francisco, CA.   Bree specializes in working with athletes as well as high-achieving women with anxiety. As a Certified HeartMath Practitioner, she is passionate about using mindfulness practices, biofeedback, and Brainspotting as her main modalities. 

When Bree isn’t working, she is spending time outdoors with her 3 kids, checking out the local live music scene or reading.

Connect with Bree:

To learn more about Bree’s services please contact her at info@hellobree.co, 509-818-6819, www.hellobree.co.  You can find Bree on Instagram at Hellobree.co 

Connect with Monica

IG: @confidence.counsel

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