On this week’s episode of Confidence Counsel, I am flipping the mic and having my best friend, Katie Mack, join the show to interview me!  Katie asks me all about how I grew up, my journey to becoming an attorney, how I met my husband, what led to my spiritual awakening/personal development journey, why I started the podcast, my goals for the future and so much more.  We also dive into the importance of FRIENDSHIP and surrounding yourself with a tribe of people who support you, grow with you, and cheer you on. This is as real and unscripted as it gets with a lot of funny stories along the way. 

  • 02:05 Katie introduces herself and provides overview of interview
  • 03:40 The early years
  • 10:30 How our friendship started
  • 13:30 A memory of where my leadership qualities began to emerge
  • 15:30 The embarassing story behind why I pursued a career in law
  • 23:30 How I met my husband
  • 29:30 Imposter syndrome in law school
  • 33:00 I describe how I manifested my career
  • 40:05 The transition into motherhood
  • 42:15 How my spiritual/personal development journey began
  • 45:20 Personal and professional goals and dreams
  • 53:45 What has surprised me about myself recently
  • 59:00 I describe my biggest influence
  • 1:00:00 The importance of friendship
  • 1:04:15 How I maintain friendships during this season of life
  • 1:07:00 Where to find your tribe

Motherhood Poem Book mentioned: My Afterall by Jessica Urlichs

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