You Can Have It All.

1:1 Coaching with Impact


For the High Achieving Professional Woman Who Wants to Enhance Her Life Without Sacrificing Career Success, Her Income or Time With Her Family.

This is for my professional girlies (lawyers, doctors, corporate hustlers, women in tech, entrepreneurs, c-suite execs) who have it all (the great career, family, income) . . but who don’t feel like they can enjoy any of it because they feel burnt out, overwhelmed and overworked.

This 5-week program is designed to help you break the patterns that got you into this mess, ditch the Sunday scaries, find balance, and help you fall back in love with your career and life again.  

Monica Burkoth

YouCanHave It All.

(5-Week Program)

It’s Time to Up-Level to the Version of You That You Know In Your Heart You Are Capable of Being.


Don’t waste the best years of your life being burnt out and unhappy.  Let me teach you what took me over a decade to learn in just 5 weeks so that you can start living the purposeful and fulfilling life that you deserve. This 1:1 coaching program provides the structure, mentorship, and accountability that you need to go from burnt out to #blessed in just 5 weeks. 

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Does this sound like you right now?

You feel like you've outgrown your career. You feel stuck or like you're destined for more

You feel exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out/on the verge of burnout from trying to juggle a demanding job and kids at home

You struggle with imposter syndrome and are ready to throw it all away, quit and/or take a pay cut to do something else

You feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to be good at your job and be present with your family (Hello guilt!)

You want to find a way to work less without blowing up all of your hard work or sacrificing your reputation

You are an overachiever who gets s*** done and you expect the same from a mentor. You want results and you want them quickly.

You dream of a different life but you have NO idea what that looks like because all you have ever pictured for yourself is the career path that you are currently on

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

5 weeks of personalized, potent 1:1 one-hour Zoom calls per week

A mentor who understands your situation and who will love and support you throughout the process but who will also give it to you straight and point out any blind spots

Assistance with developing and implementing an effective time management system that will give you 5-10 hours of your life back, PER WEEK

customized roadmap and action plan that will help you create a sustainable work-life balance

Check-ins throughout the week (You’ll be talking to me more than your bestie.)  Hello, accountability!

Become more confident and empowered to set boundaries at work and keep them! (“Sorry, Roger, I have to skip the Friday afternoon meeting that should have been an email anyways.”)

A deep understanding and rewiring of the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that have been keeping you stuck personally and professionally (So long perfectionism and people-pleasing!)

A mentor who will stretch you outside of your comfort zone and get you results quickly

Weekly email with curated resources, journal prompts, action steps and focus areas to ensure no momentum is lost between sessions

Monica Burkoth (Medium)

Recommendations on all of my favorite things including books, podcasts and resources to help you accelerate your results

The support and guidance from someone who has walked a similar path as you and who you can trust with your investment.


Pay in full

$1,111 USD

5 weekly payments of

$250 USD

Now you have a choice.  You can continue to wait.  Wait for summer, wait for that vacation, wait for your boss to add to the team, wait until the kids are in school. . . Or you can stop waiting and take action.  Show up for yourself how you showed up for your career for all of those years.  You deserve this.  This is your time.

The  future ‘you’ is determined by the decisions you make right now – are you going to do it for her?