Uncover Your
Next Level Self

1:1 Coaching with Impact


This 12-week program is your roadmap to

clarity, confidence, and the courage

to pursue your passions.

Through weekly coaching calls, guided exercises, 24/7 instant messaging access and dedicated journaling prompts, you’ll uncover your true aspirations, pinpoint your limiting beliefs and design a roadmap to your ideal life.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back, take the first step towards your dream life today.

Monica Burkoth

Uncover Your Next Level Self

(12-Week Program)

It’s Time to Up-Level to the Version of You That You Know In Your Heart You Are Capable of Being

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This 1:1 totally customized coaching program is designed for women like you who crave more out of life but need guidance on where to go next. In this transformative 12-week journey, you’ll gain clarity on what the next phase of your life looks and feels like, allowing you to reignite your passion for life.

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Does this sound like you right now?

You feel like you’re destined for more, but aren’t entirely sure what that means

You feel like you’ve "outgrown" your day job and are seeking more fulfillment

You struggle to make decisions and listen to your intuition

You recognize that you need to rewire the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you small

You’ve read personal-development books and listened to podcasts but are struggling to implement the teachings to transform your own life

You’re interested to learn more about the “woo woo” and eager to incorporate things like manifestation and mindset shifts into your daily life.

You are committed to your personal growth and are ready to expand to your next level

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

12 weeks of personalized, potent 1:1 one-hour Zoom calls per week

Dedicated time for goal and intention setting to help you define what your next level life will look and feel like

Assistance with developing and implementing an effective morning or evening routine to optimize your day

customized roadmap and action plan that aligns with your visions, habits, and values

Unlimited access to me via Voxer (Hello, accountability!) so that you don’t lose momentum between sessions

Gaining the clarity, confidence and motivation you need to step into a future that lights you up

A deep understanding and rewiring of the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that have been keeping you stuck

Become more confident and empowered to make decisions that align with your true calling in life

Spiritual development that will increase your overall life satisfaction

Powerful journaling prompts and activities to deepen your connection to self to help you discover your purpose

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Recommendations on all of my favorite things including books, podcasts and resources to help you accelerate your results

The support and guidance from someone who has walked a similar path as you and who you can trust with your investment.


Pay in full

$3,750 USD

3 monthly payments of

$1,250 USD

6 bi-monthly payments of

$625 USD

(billed on the 1st and 15th of every month)

The  future ‘you’ is determined by the decisions you make right now – are you going to do it for her?