On this episode of Confidence Counsel, Monica interviews energy healer, medium and intuitive coach, Sonia Flores. During this interview, Sonia explains why it is so important to clear stagnant energy and how it can benefit you spiritually, emotionally and physically. We then dive into the top 7 things that you can do to cleanse your energy so that you can have a fresh start to the new year. Toward the end of the episode, Sonia guides us through a collective energy healing/meditation which is so beautiful and effective.

  • 07:55 What is energy? Benefits of maintaining clean, positive energy
  • 12:00 Symptoms of clogged, stagnant, dirty energy
  • 18:00 Techniques for clearing your energy on your own
  • 32:00 Energy clearing meditation
  • 44:00 If you want more energy work

Guest Bio:

Sonia Flores is a dynamic and compassionate Midlife Coach & Intuitive Advisor, dedicated to empowering women in their middle years. With a mission to help women peel back the layers society has placed on them, Sonia guides her clients to reawaken their inner authenticity, harness their true potential and live midlife with intention.

With a focus on energy clearing, Sonia’s coaching program is designed to remove blockages and limiting beliefs that keep women stuck, enabling them to manifest their best chapter yet, rediscover their passions and live in alignment with their soul purpose. 

Her insights and experiences are shared through her podcast, Modern Latina in Midlife, along with guest speakers to share their inspiring stories and expertise, showing other women that it’s never too late to pivot, transform, and live the life they desire.

Connect with Guest:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/modernlatinainmidlife/ Website: https://www.sonia-flores.com/

✨ Complimentary 20 minute energy clearing + intuitive guidance session: https://calendly.com/thesoniaflorescompany/20min-comp-energy-clearing-intuitive-guidance

🌿Empower Your Midlife Journey: A 7-Day Journaling Experience for Self Discovery:https://the-sonia-flores-companyllc.ck.page/journaling-experience

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