Are you looking for ways to boost your energy without more caffeine or naps?

Do you find yourself procrastinating or not reaching your goals due to a a lack of energy?

If you want to go from feeling funky/fatigued to feeling like the energizer bunny, then this episode is for you!

On this episode, we are joined by Sabrina Carter, licensed physician assistant and healthy lifestyle mentor, who will walk us through her ENDLESS energy framework, which was created as a guide for you to naturally boost your energy and increase vitality. Sabrina’s framework is a holistic, mind, body, and soul approach that covers concepts like: nourishment, embodiment, spirituality, emotional leaks and deep breaths. During this episode, Sabrina takes us through the different ways that you can overcome fatigue, exhaustion and lack of motivation to get you out of a funk and on your way to accomplishing, not just your weight-loss goals,  but all of the things you have been putting off due to a lack of energy.

  • 02:00 Introduction and Overview
  • 04:45 Sabrina’s background and qualifications
  • 11:20 Why boosting energy should be your fitness goal
  • 13:30 E.N.D.L.E.S.S. Energy Framework
  • 13:45 Embodying your most energized self
  • 17:15 Nourishment (mental, physical, spiritual)
  • 22:00 Deep Breaths increase energy
  • 28:45 Leaks and recognizing what may be draining your energy
  • 33:35 Exercise and movement that you love
  • 37:30 Sunlight and getting sunshine first thing in the morning
  • 39:25 Smile and seek out things that bring you joy

Guest Bio:

Sabrina Carter is a licensed physician assistant, healthy lifestyle mentor and the Founder of My Prevention Rx Podcast. Holistic health, spiritual wellbeing and disease prevention are some of her greatest passions. It’s not just what she teaches, it’s how she lives her life. Sabrina loves to encourage and empower high achieving women, through her mentorship and podcast. She shares her expertise to help them have vibrant health, endless energy & permanent weight loss so they can feel their best and make a bigger impact in the world.

Connect with Sabrina:

IG: @mrssabrinacarter

Podcast: My Prevention RX

FB: Energy and Health Hacks for Ambitious Women

Connect with Monica

IG: @confidence.counsel



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