Do you feel like it’s impossible to be a mom, have a happy marriage, work full-time, have a passion project, keep your kids alive, fed AND also keep your house clean and organized? Tracey is here to tell you- it can be done and it can be hacked!

On this episode of Confidence Counsel, Monica sits down with Tracey Silliker who is an Organizational Accountability Coach and the Owner and Founder of a business called Calm the Chaos Organizing. Through simple sustainable systems and routines, Tracey specializes in helping women declutter their homes, take back control of their lives, and find time to do what they love with those they love the most. 

  • 02:30 Introduction
  • 05:55 How clutter negatively impacts your mind and mood
  • 09:00 Where to start
  • 11:30 Tips to audit and declutter your closet
  • 17:45 What to do about sentimental pieces you feel guilty parting with
  • 19:30 Laundry Hack
  • 20:30 Routines for dividing chores throughout the week
  • 23:00 Hack to clean more efficiently and overcome squirrel brain
  • 27:30 How to teach kids to not become too attached to things
  • 30:00 How to efficiently transition your kids’ wardrobe & hand-me downs
  • 33:30 Toy storage ideas
  • 34:30 Ideas to minimize the amount of new toys coming in
  • 36:45 PSA about treat/goody-bags at birthday parties

Connect with Tracey:

IG: @calmthechaosorganizing



Toy Storage Guide

Tracey Bio:

Tracey Silliker is an Organizational Accountability Coach and the owner of Calm the Chaos Organizing. With a degree in Psychology and Sociology she enjoys helping working moms create routines and organization in their homes through her 8-week Impact Coaching program.

Tracey is happily married to her husband Jason of 23 years and is a mom to two teen boys Ben – 18 and Alex – 15. When she is not helping her clients bring calm back to the chaos of life, she can be found cheering on her boys at a basketball court or a baseball diamond.

Tracey thrives on helping her clients to succeed and is often referred to as their greatest cheerleader. From learning important time management skills, to decluttering their homes, creating routines that work, along with meal planning and prepping, Tracey guides them through the process to less overwhelm, less stress and more freedom.

Along with her Impact Coaching Program Tracey has an active Free Facebook Community – Calm the Chaos Organizing Community – where she runs challenges and offers advice for those struggling to regain control of their home. For those looking for more help but can’t make the 8 week commitment for Impact Coaching, Tracey will be offering this fall a monthly paid community where she hosts workshops, group coaching, quarterly challenges, and live guests.

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