Have you ever wondered why some people have vision boards that come to life and yours just.. doesn’t? Well, your human design definitely has something to say about that.

This week on the Confidence Counsel podcast, Monica Lorraine, human design expert and soul empowerment coach, takes us to SCHOOL giving us the ultimate crash course in one of the most incredible self-discovery systems, human design.

During the episode, Monica teaches us how to read our chart to figure out our UNIQUE way to manifest. This is the ultimate masterclass you do not want to miss!

Look up your human design to follow along with the lesson: https://www.humandesignamerica.com/chart

To follow along with the powerpoint, check out the episode on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@confidence.counsel

*Introductory HD episode: Episode 19: How Human Design Can Help You Live A Life of Alignment

Guest Bio

Monica Lorraine is a Soul Empowerment Coach, Astrologer and Human Design Consultant.

She is the creator of The Soul Coaching Breakthrough Method – a customized 90-Day program to help you unlock more Love or Money in your life. She specializes in helping Women who are on a self-reflection and empowerment journey release the subconscious patterns that are preventing them from creating the tangible results they really want in their personal or financial life.

Monica is known for her ability to laser in on her clients charts, identify their patterns of resistance and map out the clearest path to creating the desired outcome they desire and deserve.

The Soul Coaching Breakthrough Method is a combination of Coaching, Astrology, Human Design and Hypnotherapy. 

Connect with Guest, Monica:

You can learn more about Monica’s private sessions, online classes and 1:1 coaching programs by connecting with her on Instagram @Soul_Empowered

Sign up for a Complimentary Human Design Session with Monica: soulempowered.net/cc20

Connect with Host, Monica:

IG: @confidence.counsel

Website: www.confidencecounsel.com

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