On this solo episode of Confidence Counsel, Monica talks about limiting beliefs and why your limiting beliefs may be holding, not only YOU back from living your dreams, but if you’re a mom, might also impact your children’s ability to realize their dreams as well.

In this episode, Monica goes over a step by step process that will help you uncover your limiting beliefs and provides you with the tools that you need to start rewriting them in a way that serves you and gets you moving forward toward achieving your goals and desires.

  • 02:15 What are limiting beliefs and why uncovering them is the first step in any self development journey
  • 06:20 Examples of limiting beliefs from Monica’s life this past week
  • 11:45 Overview of the 6 steps
  • 12:45 Step #1- Identify the goal
  • 12:55 Step #2-Why haven’t I acted on it yet?
  • 14:15 Step #3- Trace it back
  • 15:50 Step #4- How has this served me in the past?
  • 16:40 Step #5- Is this true?
  • 17:35 Step #6- Affirm a new mantra

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