This week on Confidence Counsel, we are joined by executive coach and Founder and CEO of On-Brand Group, an agency specializing in personal, consumer, and corporate brand development, Mallory Dittmer. Mallory and I talk about her philosophy around personal branding and why she believes defining your own personal brand is the first step in any self-development journey.  

During this episode, we talk about identifying your values, being intentional about the little things that you do on a daily basis, creating space to allow yourself time to explore passions, and why defining your personal brand can help you get “unstuck” and lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

  • 01:25 Monica’s Introduction
  • 02:05 Mallory’s branding expertise and background explained
  • 03:40 How becoming a mom forced Mallory to redefine her own personal brand
  • 08:10 How we can all benefit from figuring out our personal brand
  • 10:30 Step 1: Discovery/Definition Phase
  • 17:55 Step 2: Strategy & Planning Phase
  • 23:15 Why you don’t have to have a “traditional” career to benefit from this concept of personal branding
  • 24:50 How you can remind yourself of your personal brand as you go through your day
  • 26:40 Step 3: Marketing/Creative Phase
  • 28:05 Mallory’s Freedom Formula to help you get clear on who you want to be
  • 33:35 Step 4: Evolution Phase
  • 38:10 Auditing and decluttering your influences to create more space in your life to explore hobbies and passions
  • 41:10 Working with Mallory

Guest Bio

Mallory Dittmer is the Founder and CEO of On-Brand Group, an agency specializing in personal, consumer, and corporate brand development, management, and partnerships. 

After a decade managing multimillion-dollar luxury and fashion brand portfolios, Mallory left the corporate world to prioritize her mental, physical, and spiritual health as a new mother. The move to entrepreneurship afforded her space to explore new opportunities in personal and professional development and political campaign management. 

Mallory is a lifelong learner and marathoner-in-training. She loves adventure walks on the local trails with her son Jay and daughter Joey, and traveling the globe with her history-buff husband, Drew. She lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Connect with Mallory

IG: @mallory_dittmer

Connect with Monica

IG: @confidence.counsel

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